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Sustainable Organizing
you can Believe in. 

About Kelly

After working as a Stay-at-home mom for a decade, Kelly decided to put her second passion into a plan of action!  Marie Kondo's book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,"  helped solidify how to imagine her ideal lifestyle and then how to make it a reality.  After committing to a "Tidy Festival" in her own home, Kelly knew she could continue to be tidy, and help others do the same.   Kelly's passion for earth conservation pairs well with the method to keep a joyful and healthy home.   Using the Konmari techniques to categorize, discard and store your items.  Find permanent homes for all your most joyful (and useful) belongings, even as your needs and lifestyle change.   As Marie Kondo says in her best selling book, "A dramatic reorganization of the home causes correspondingly dramatic changes in lifestyle and perspective."  This couldn't be more true! 

The Konmari Method™

Marie Kondo's tidying method revolutionized organizing today. 

Marie Kondo emphasizes the importance of organizing your space based on being intentional with items that spark joy in your life and discarding the rest with gratitude.  Following this method, effective organization involves tidying up by category, not location and storing belongings with care.  

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My Services

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"Kelly did an incredible job helping me organize my garage.  I had started with the order of the tidy festival and when we got to the garage, we had a lot on our plate.  Kelly broke down the process into manageable steps, organized zones for the different categories of stuff to store, and helped me create space for the kids to play.   

-Vancouver, WA

Kelly helped us organize our son's closet and dressers.  She was wonderful to work with and my son was even excited to help out! Will be using them to organize the rest of the house! 100% recommend!" 

-Portland, OR

"My workspace has completely transformed after hiring Kelly to help organize the endless papers and books in my home office. Now, I look forward to starting my day with a clear surface and welcoming space! Thanks again, Kelly!"

-Vancouver, WA

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